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01-21-13 - RPR Neonatal Screen, Rapid Urine Drug Screen, New D-Dimer Test
02-18-13 - HPV Testing Guidelines, New HPV Test Methodology
04-08-13 - A Test for Antibodies to Phosphatidylserine Prothrombin Complex is Now Available at Marshfield Labs
04-25-13 - Lyme Disease Serology Test Update
05-17-13 - Detection of Babesiosis and Availability of a New, Highly Sensitive, Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (PCR)
06-14-13 - New Panel for HSV and VZV, Discontinue HSV Ag, Direct FA and VZV Ag, DFA Tests
03-04-13 - Changes in Testing for Screening and Diagnosis Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
03-11-13 - New Thiamine (Vitamin B1) Testing Available at Marshfield Labs