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Human Reference Manual

10/17/22: Effective 7/23/21 per Mayo Labs due to high specimen volumes and staffing impacts, expect TAT delays up to 5 weeks longer than published for test UROVYSO (FUROC). Samples will be stabilized and performed/reported as soon as posssible.
10/17/22: OMSP20 test code is currently non-orderable due to issues with the Zinc Proto. portion of testing. If this testing is desired place separate orders for the Occupational Blood Lead (OMBL) and MISC to ARUP for 0020605 Zinc Protoporphyrin.
10/17/22: Per Mayo labs, potential reflex test SBL cannot be performed due to reagent backorder. If reflexing criteria is met, sample will be forwarded to Quest Diag. Infectious Disease, test ID FBAI. An update will be provided when testing resumes.
10/17/22: Effective 01/11/2022: Due to reagent issues, Aldolase (ALDO) testing will be sent to Mayo Clinic Laboratories.
10/17/22: Effective 4/8/22: Due to supply issues Mayo test Aluminum, Serum, AL (Marshfield code ALUM) is currently non-orderable. Alternate test is available to LabCorp 071548; order as MISC.
10/17/22: Effective 04/21/22-Due to supply issues, test Selenium (Mayo code SES, Marshfield code SELEN) is currently non-orderable. Alternate test is 716910 for Selenium, Serum or Plasma to LabCorp. Order as MISC.
10/17/22: Effective 04/26/22: Due to supply issues, test Iodine, Serum (Mayo code IOD, Marshfield code IODSO) is currently non-orderable. Alternate test is 070034 for Iodine, Serum or Plasma to LabCorp. Order as MISC.
10/17/22: Effective 06/08/22: Due to supply issues, test Chromium Serum (Mayo code CRS, Marshfield code CHROSO) is currently non-orderable. Alternate test is 071522 for Chromium, Plasma to LabCorp. Order as MISC.
10/21/22:  Effective 10/21/2022 Results are delayed for test code:  METHSUX to MedTox due to QC failures.  All specimens are being held, stabilized, and will be tested as soon as testing has resumed. 
11/18/22: Effective 11/18/22: Due to an unexpected instrument down, the GH (Hemoglobin A1c) testing in Marshfield may be delayed.
11/21/22: Effective 11/15/22 Mayo made the following test code non-orderable: FFMDS, due to availability of tests MDSDF and MDSMF. Tests to be orded as MISC.
11/22/22: MISC: Cystic Fibrosis, CFTR gene, Variant Panel, Varies to Mayo is delayed for up to 4 weeks due to instrumentation issues. There is no alternative test. Samples will be extracted, stabilized, and held to be run once the equipment is fixed.
12/05/22: The following tests will be delayed, pending service to the BioPlex analyzer: ANA Screen; HSV 1&2; EBV; Syphilis; CCP; Celiac tTG IgA and IgM,  Gliadin IgA and IgG; MMRV; Vasculitis Panel
Effective: 12/21/2022: AHDVSO Hepatitis D Virus Total Antibodies (AHDV) is non-orderable, due to reagent supply issues.  Per Mayo, recommended alternative test: Hepatitis Delta Virus Antibody (FHDVA), to be ordered as MISC.
1/9/2023: Test code ENDOMYS (Endomysial IgA Antibody) will be sent to Mayo due to the manufacturer’s reagent shortage.  Testing is expected to resume in Marshfield in late February 2023.
1/17/2023: Per Mayo Labs, due to assay supply issues for INAB (Insulin Antibodies) test results for INAB and DBS1 (Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Evaluation) will be delayed.  Specimens will be stabilized and tested when reagent is received.
1/23/23:  Effective 01/23/2023 Per Mayo Labs: Due to a change of the chemistry reagent, Test Code NONCPSO will be delayed. Specimens will be processed upon arrival, however this delay will add 7 days to the turnaround time.
1/24/2023: Due to reagent issues INSFT: Insulin, Free and Total (FINSUSO) will become non-orderable.  Mayo alternative test: Insulin, Free and Total; Test ID: ZW242  order as MISC.
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